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How to Play Fantasy Hockey?

How to Play Fantasy Hockey?

Hockey, a sport that has been an essential part of India's athletic landscape, boasts a rich history and a strong following. Over the years, hockey has witnessed a steady growth in popularity. The fervour for the sport has been further fuelled by the emergence of fantasy hockey, a virtual platform that allows fans to live their dreams by managing their own hockey teams

Fantasy hockey, like its counterparts in other sports, has gained significant traction in India. GamezDaddy's offers hockey fans a unique and engaging way to connect with the sport they love. By participating in fantasy hockey, users can compete against each other and showcase their hockey knowledge, strategizing skills, and prowess in team management and win cash prizes.

Getting Started with Fantasy Hockey on GamezDaddy

Getting started with Fantasy Hockey is very easy with GamezDaddy’s intuitive and user-friendly onboarding process. You just need to follow 3 easy steps:

  • Download the app & Sign up: 
    To start playing fantasy hockey on GamezDaddy, you need to visit on your mobile device and download the .apk file. Install the .apk file by granting the necessary permissions. Now sign up using your email address & mobile number and get your KYC documents verified.
  • Select a contest:
    Browse through the wide array of contests available on GamezDaddy fantasy hockey platform, ranging from free-to-play practice games to cash contests. You can join contests based on your interests, skill levels, and budget.
  • Create your fantasy hockey team:
    Once you have joined a contest, the next step is to build your dream team. You will be provided with a fixed budget, and you must choose players from both teams participating in the real-life match. Make sure to stay within your budget while assembling a well-balanced and competitive team.
  • That’s it! Just follow the real match stats, get fantasy points and win big crash prizes.

    Understanding the Fantasy Cricket Points System and Player Roles

    • Fantasy Cricket Points System: 
      The key to succeeding in fantasy hockey is understanding the Fantasy Cricket Points System. Points are allocated to players based on their performance in real-life matches. Factors such as goals, assists, saves, and penalty minutes contribute to a player's point tally. Familiarize yourself with the scoring system on GamezDaddy to make informed decisions when selecting your team.
    • Player roles: 
      In fantasy hockey, players are categorized into three roles: forwards, defensemen, and goaltenders. Each role has its unique set of responsibilities and scoring opportunities. For example, forwards are responsible for scoring goals and providing assists, while defensemen are tasked with preventing the opposing team from scoring. Goaltenders, on the other hand, accumulate points for making saves and maintaining a low goals-against average.

    Managing Your Fantasy Hockey Team

    • Line-up changes and substitutions: 
      As a fantasy hockey manager, it is crucial to keep track of your players' form and fitness. You can make line-up changes and substitutions to ensure your team performs at its best. Keep an eye on player injuries, suspensions, and recent performance trends to make well-informed decisions.
    • Trades and transfers: 
      During the fantasy hockey season, you can make trades and transfers to improve your team's performance. This is an opportunity to bring in in-form players or replace underperforming assets. Be strategic when making trades, as you may be limited to a specific number of transactions per season.

    Fantasy Hockey Tips

    To excel in fantasy hockey, keep the following tips in mind:

    • Stay updated with the latest hockey news and player performances
    • Pay attention to player injuries and suspensions, as these can impact your team's performance.
    • Monitor player matchups and exploit favourable conditions for your team
    • Keep an eye on emerging talents and consider adding them to your roster.
    • Balance your team by selecting a mix of star players and promising new talent.