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FAQ Fantasy Cricket Game

FAQ Fantasy Cricket Game

The FAQs about fantasy cricket are as follows:

What is Fantasy Cricket?
Fantasy cricket is an online cricket game where you create a virtual team of real cricket players. You earn points based on a preset Fantasy Cricket Points System linked to the chosen player's performance. 

Refer to the Fantasy Cricket Points System here.

Can You Win Real Cash by Playing Fantasy Cricket? How?
Yes, you can win real cash by participating in the given contests on GamezDaddy. First, download the app from here and sign up. After signing up, enter the given contests and win real cash.

How To Play Fantasy Cricket on GamezDaddy?
First, download the app by visiting and sign up with your mobile number. Once done, select the match and choose the contest based on the preferred entry fee. Then, create your team and start winning.

What is the Fantasy Cricket Format of GamezDaddy?
At GamezDaddy, players create a strategy-based virtual team using real cricketers playing in real matches. You earn points based on the performances of the selected players. The player who scores the most points in a match will be rewarded with the set prize pool

Why Play Fantasy Cricket?
What makes fantasy cricket attractive is that the users pick players and create their teams for a specific contest. A user can choose players among the four categories: Wicketkeeper, Batter, Bowler, and All-rounder. Besides, fantasy cricket gives an opportunity to win real money while keeping the excitement intact

What is a Fantasy Cricket Fantasy Cricket Points System?
The points are the deciding factor whether you win or lose a match. You receive points based on specific actions, from selecting the playing 11 to the runs and wickets taken by the chosen players.

You get +1 for singles and 4s and +2 for 6s. The points can also vary based on the match formats, such as T20, ODI, Test, etc. Refer to this page for Fantasy Cricket Points Systems related to bowling, fielding and more under different formats.

What are the Minimum and Maximum Players You Can Choose on GamezDaddy?
The minimum number of Batters, Bowlers, All-rounders, and Wicket Keepers in GamezDaddy are as follows

Playes Minimum Number of Choices
Batters 3
Bowlers 3
All-rounders 1
Wicket Keepers 1

The maximum number of players you can choose on GamezDaddy are as follows: 

Players Maximum Number of Choices
Batters 5
Bowlers 5
All-rounders 3
Wicket Keepers 2 (1 Bonus)

Important FAQ About Fantasy Cricket

The most asked questions about fantasy cricket are as follows.

Is Fantasy Cricket Free?
There are no charges for creating an account on GamezDaddy. The entry fee for the contests begin from ₹69 and goes up to ₹3333. However, you can participate in practice contests that have no entry fee.

What are Some Important Fantasy Cricket Team Tips?
Here are some tips to help you gain a competitive edge in fantasy cricket.

  • Participate only in those games that you know about
  • Get knowledge about the weather report, pitch report, average score on the ground, probable eleven, past performance of the players, strike rates, etc.
  • Collect information about match-impacting data, such as player injuries, rest, etc., from news and other resources.
  • Choose only the players who are in the playing eleven.
  • Try to join multiple teams as it will improve your chances of winning.
  • Rely on your gut instincts and knowledge about cricket before trusting any other unknown sources

Do’s of Playing Fantasy Cricket

  • Be patient for long-term rewards
  • Keep track of probable playing eleven.
  • Do solid research and discuss with others before creating a team.
  • Be selective for the matches.
  • Keep track of match schedules.

Don’ts of Playing Fantasy Cricket

  • Avoid putting all your money in one match.
  • Don’t select players because they are popular.
  • Steer clear from ignoring pitch conditions.