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Fantasy Cricket Strategy and Tips

Fantasy Cricket Strategy and Tips

The exciting world of fantasy cricket is growing fast and has grabbed the attention of fans in India and worldwide. In this online game, you build a dream team of cricket players, and you earn points based on their real-life match performance. To beat your rivals and win the league, you need to learn some tips and tricks. Let us share our expert fantasy cricket advice to help you create winning teams.

Winning at Fantasy Cricket: Simple Strategies
Winning in fantasy cricket is not a piece of cake. Sometimes you might win small prizes by choosing a few good players, but real success needs effort and smart thinking. The goal is to pick a team of 11 great players for a specific match. We've listed some important tips to improve your team-building skills:

  • Players’ Performance Evaluation
    You must assess a player's recent form instead of solely relying on their historical achievements. Choose players who have done well in their latest games because your points depend on their one-match results. For leagues, focus on consistent, high-quality players who do well over time. Remember, you must not choose players according to your likes or dislikes, you need to choose players who are likely to perform in that match.
  • Weather Insights
    Never underestimate the significance of weather conditions, which can substantially impact the match results. You must keep an eye on weather insights of the place the real match is being played. Choose players and captains accordingly to win big in fantasy cricket.
  • Pitch Analysis
    Pitch conditions play an important role in fantasy cricket. For instance, a dry, sluggish pitch in an afternoon match necessitates additional spinners, whereas a hard and flat pitch is advantageous for power hitters and swing bowlers. You must be flexible in your choices and choose players according to the pitch and weather conditions for that particular match
  • Pick Strong Top-Order Batsmen
    Strong top-order batsmen can be the key to success, especially in the T20 matches. The top-order batsmen face the most balls and tend to score more. While selecting your fantasy team you may prioritize the top three batsmen of teams, as they're usually the best on the team. 
  • Captain and Vice-Captain Selection
    Choosing the captain and vice-captain for fantasy teams is a crucial aspect of the game, as they earn 2x and 1.5x points respectively. It is essential to make wise decisions when selecting them. It's recommended to pick a captain who is currently in good form and is expected to perform well in the upcoming match.
  • Hunt for Bonus
    It’s always good to score some bonus points.  Thus, you must keep an eye on players who can give bonus points by hitting sixes or fours, taking catches, bowling at low economy, etc

Improve Your Fantasy Game: Winning Tips for Today's Match
Achieving optimal outcomes necessitates proactive and adaptive approaches. Remain well-informed about updates, last-minute team alterations, and other vital factors. These expert insights will propel you to new heights

  • Toss and Eleventh-Hour Adjustments
    Monitor the toss outcome closely and be poised to modify your team as needed. Replace any players excluded from the final XI
  • Harness the Potential of Multiple Teams
    Amplify your probability of success by formulating multiple teams for diverse contests. Should one team falter, another may prevail.
  • Team News and Proclamations
    Stay informed of team updates, including coaching transitions that could influence the playing XI.
  • Player Updates (Injuries, Positions, etc.)
    Keep a watchful eye on injury bulletins and player position shifts, particularly for top-order batsmen who should constitute 60% of your fantasy team.
  • Create a Balance
    Opt for a well-balanced mixture of players from all categories. You may prioritize all-rounders who bat within the top four, maximizing points garnered from their multifaceted talents. Choose wicketkeepers possessing robust batting capabilities to gain points via both batting and wicket keeping.