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How to Fantasy Cricket Prediction?

How to Fantasy Cricket Prediction?

Fantasy cricket is a complete game of skill if you know how to play it. Because of the fun, excitement and winning opportunities, it has gained popularity all around the globe.

If you want to make precise fantasy cricket predictions to win the game, you have to keep a check on a few factors for every match. Here is the list of a few things that will help you play fantasy cricket at GamezDaddy like a pro:

What’s Required for Precise Fantasy Cricket Predictions to Win the Game

Identifying the Player’s Performance
Considering a player’s performance is crucial in making precise fantasy cricket predictions. The past track record tells plenty about the player’s present shape and likelihood of success in future matches. It also determines whether a player will be a good pick for today’s match

Pitch Conditions
Besides selecting good-performing players, a user must consider the pitch conditions to deduce the chances of success. Since pitch conditions change as the match progresses, a fair understanding of the ground is essential. Identify whether the pitch is good for pacers, spinners, or batters, and choose your team accordingly.

Weather Conditions
Weather conditions, such as the speed and direction of the wind, humidity, weather quality, etc., also contribute to the game result. Considering these can keep you a step ahead of other players

Keep a Check on News
The worst that could happen in fantasy sports is you pick a player who is injured or not playing for some other reason. Keep a tab on the news and choose participants that are playing — improving your chances of winning.

Watch the Matches
Sometimes the overall performance and the player's hype could not sit on the same level. However, if you watch the matches and observe players closely, you can get a better understanding of young and existing players' performance.

Choose Your Battles Wisely
Winning lies in playing selective games. New users often made the mistake of playing every match. However, if you want to win in fantasy sports, you should be selective with your battles.

Select More All-Rounders
Another winning strategy that helps you ace fantasy sports is selecting more all-rounders. It allows you to score more points based on batting, bowling and fielding performance. Besides, these are the good captain and vice-captain options.

Choose Your Captain and Vice Captain Carefully
Your scores depend on how your selected players have performed. However, choosing the right captain and vice-captain is a pivotal factor for making accurate fantasy cricket predictions to win the game. The captain gets 2X points, and the vice-captain gets 1.5X points for their performance.

By carefully selecting the captain and vice-captain, you can outcompete other users. To choose the right captain and vice-captain, consider all-rounders as it improves your chances of scoring more points.

Making Last-minute Changes
Fantasy cricket allows you to make last-minute changes before any tournament gets locked. As the final elevens are released, you can utilize the window to make the necessary changes in your team. You can drop the players you may have selected but are not in the lineup.

Creating Multiple Teams
Your winning chances drastically improve when you create multiple teams in a contest. The different player combinations and different captain and vice-captain choices can get you varied points, improving your chances of winning. Even if you score low points with one team in a contest, you can win with the other team you made.

Fantasy cricket is a game of uncertainties, and unexpected twists may occur in any match. So always be prepared for the unexpected and keep improving your strategy accordingly. Make your team on GamezDaddy now!