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Fair Play Policy

GamezDaddy is fully committed to the preservation of integrity and fairness within its gaming platform. If any user is determined to be infringing upon GamezDaddy's ‘Fair Play Policy’, they may face serious repercussions, including, but not limited to, suspension or termination of their GamezDaddy account.

Terms of Fair Play at GamezDaddy:

  • All players must be more than 18 years of age to play Fantasy Sports at GamezDaddy.
  • Players from restricted states are prohibited from playing at GameDaddy.
  • Users are prohibited from establishing more than a single account on the GamezDaddy platform. The creation of multiple accounts would be considered non-compliance with the ‘Fair Play Policy’.
  • The verification of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) for all referred accounts is a mandatory requirement. Should more than nine referral accounts lack PAN verification, the user will be deemed in breach of GamezDaddy's ‘Fair Play Policy’.
  • Attempting to withdraw winnings by any illegal or unfair means will be treated as a violation of the ‘Fair Play Policy’.
  • Submission of falsified documents during registration with GamezDaddy constitutes an infringement of the ‘Fair Play Policy’.
  • In instances where a single device is used to create multiple accounts, it is the user's responsibility to complete all required verification procedures, including mobile, email, PAN, and bank account details for each account. Compliance with this stipulation will facilitate smooth transactions on the GamezDaddy platform.

Consequences of Fair Play Violation

  • If a user is identified as violating the ‘Fair Play Policy’, their account will be subjected to suspension or deactivation.
  • If a user is found or suspected to be violating the ‘Fair Play Policy’, the existing balance within their GamezDaddy account may be held or nullified.
  • Withdrawal requests of users found or suspected to be in violation of the ‘Fai Play Policy’ may be denied or suspended pending further investigation.