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Fantasy Cricket for Real Money

Fantasy Cricket for Real Money

Recently, fantasy cricket for real money has gained popularity. In addition, it has been enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. Cricket is more than just a sport for many. It’s an emotion. In addition, fantasy cricket adds more excitement to a cricket game by pulling the users along with the cricket players. Take your love for the game to a new level with fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket improves your skill level and even makes you win real money. Our secure platform enables you to play online fantasy sports whenever you want. Enter the new arena of fantasy cricket with GamezDaddy and unlock new thrills.

How to Win Real Money in Fantasy Cricket

To begin playing fantasy cricket for real money first, you need to download the GamezDaddy. Visit the site to download the app. Once downloaded, enter your mobile number to sign up. And you’re set to play and win the tournaments of your choice. If you’re new to fantasy cricket, here are a few tips to help you start playing fantasy cricket.

How to Start Playing Fantasy Cricket?

Follow the steps below once you have created your account on GamezDaddy and learn how to win real money in fantasy cricket.

  • First, choose the match you want to play in.
  • Create your team of 11 players from both of the teams. Make sure you have chosen your players based on their past and present performance.
  • Select the captain and vice-captain. Be careful as it can boost your score to a great extent.
  • Enter the preferred contest by paying the entry fee.
  • Keep following the match, and keep a tab on your scores.

Fantasy Cricket Tips

Some tips that you can utilize to increase your chances of winning:

Do Research: Research the players' performance, track record in the specific game format, strike rates and averages to predict their present shape.

Keep a tab on weather and pitch conditions: The pitch condition and weather play a crucial role in predicting the match outcome.

Make a balanced team: The right mix of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders can keep your score balanced. A good number of all-rounders can push your scores towards a win.

A right captain and vice-captain are essential: Since the captain has 2x points and the vice-captain has 1.5x points, their selection is crucial for a winning score. Do your research and choose the players having good form. The selection will help you score well. 

Keep an eye on the news: It keeps you updated regarding playing XI and any injuries any player has met with. It allows you to be ready for any last-minute changes and improve your winning chances.

Do’s of Playing Fantasy Cricket

  • Act patiently for long-term rewards.
  • Keep track of line-ups when announced.
  • Make the research your friend and discuss it with your friends and family before creating a team.
  • Choose the matches carefully.
  • Keep a tab on match schedules.

Don’ts of Playing Fantasy Cricket

  • Don’t put all your money in one match.
  • Avoid chasing popular players and select good players. 
  • Don’t ignore pitch conditions.

Download the GamezDaddy app on your Android device and win real money in fantasy cricket.